At YieldX, our mission is to democratize fixed income investing with a comprehensive ecosystem of digital tools that power personalization-at-scale.

YieldX is an end-to-end digital platform with smart workflows, AI-powered analytics and a reimagined user experience for financial professionals and investors in the fixed income markets. Flexible and scalable technology eliminates time-consuming manual processes and replaces antiquated technology with a modern API-first infrastructure, while intuitive interfaces allow for pushbutton construction of custom portfolios tailored to an investor’s goals and risk tolerance within minutes.

The enterprise-grade platform was designed to offer an unprecedented range of options – including a choice of end-to-end or a la carte solutions – to support a wide range of business strategies. RIAs, broker-dealers, banks, and fintech companies and family offices can use YieldX’s SaaS apps and API technology to deliver personalized and optimized fixed income solutions to their clients.