Tolerisk is cloud-based, fiduciary caliber risk tolerance assessment technology for financial planners and investment advisors. Our patent-pending 2-dimensional assessment lets advisors easily analyze their client’s Willingness to accept risk using a traditional psychometric profile and their Ability to take risk, by applying conventional fixed income mathematics to client cash-flows. Tolerisk not only measures the client’s ability to take risk now, but also how their ability mathematically evolves as they migrate towards and through their cash-flows in the future. Their Willingness to accept risk provides a holistic cap applied to their objective Ability to take risk through time.

Tolerisk Pro allows advisors to customize the assessment for each client’s unique and dynamic cash-flow expectations. Advisors commonly include custom savings and spending patterns across multiple tax status as well as one-time inflows and outflows related to real estate, education, weddings, and inheritance. Tolerisk EZ provides a streamlined 5-minute process ideal for prospects. It is commonly embedded on the advisor’s website or posted to Social Media to begin a dialogue and qualify a prospect. Tolerisk 401k tackles the broad advisory challenge of how to better serve typical small-balance participants who don’t generate enough revenue to cover the costs of custom financial planning. Tolerisk 401k enables advisors to provide deep and meaningful customized advice to participants in a matter of minutes, making it practical to provide custom advice without raising fees. Advisors will win more plans, better serve participants, and generate more wealth management leads in the process.