Founded in 2014, Capital Preferences is an independently owned decision science technology and research firm created by globally acclaimed economists.

We empower you to:

Gather accurate client insights


Our data and insights platform and gamified simulator technology measures client behavior and creates powerful business building and suitability insights in under 90 seconds.


Deliver intelligent recommendations


We transform onboarding and annual reviews into an engaging and educational experience for the client so that you can help them make purposeful decisions with their money and time.


Operate with greater safeguards and profitability while serving clients’ best interest


We bring you unmatched Risk and Regulatory protection for your digital properties.


Who benefits from Capital Preferences’ technology?

Everyone. Your entire organization benefits by understanding customers scientifically and precisely. Marketing, sales, service, product, risk, compliance, and the CEO all rely on client insights – except today most firms do not understand what drives each client’s behavior.

We believe that firms without insights from revealed preferences are like doctors’ offices without the latest diagnostic equipment – staffed by smart and experienced professionals, but left to guesswork that comes from patients self-reporting their symptoms.

The ROI for adopting global client insight and suitability technology is significant. For firms who are committed to operating intelligently, ethically and with full client alignment, Capital Preferences can be your catalyst for a full-scale digital transformation.