What would your clients think if they knew you managed billions of dollars in a spreadsheet?

Excel is editable - in the hands of multiple parties - without safeguards against misclicks or typos. A simple stroke of the key and your client’s fees are incorrect. An incorrect fee means you’ve breached your contract and fiduciary duty.

The Smart Solution:

With Smart Kx software you don’t run the risk of those manual typos that cause you anxiety. You’ll be confident your billing is correct.

When the SEC calls are you ready?

“Does the fee match the client contract?” is a seemingly basic question. But advisors only get it correct about 50 percent of the time when they are examined. The SEC has let this problem go because “it is really hard” to keep contracts and fees congruent. As technology progresses that excuse won’t work anymore.

The Smart Solution:

You know an SEC review is coming. You know what the questions will be. Be prepared. With Smart Kx it is easy to ensure contracts match fees. Don’t fear the SEC again.

How many hundreds of hours PER MONTH are you wasting on manual processes?

Your current manual processes are extremely error prone and exceedingly labor intensive. You run regulatory risk of the contract not matching the billing fee every time someone opens a spreadsheet. The entire billing process can take weeks to calculate and invoice, reducing your overall cash flow. And the burden put on your staff takes away from serving your clients.

The Smart Solution:

Smart Kx software automates your current manual processes allowing staff to focus on your clients. Clients are happier and trust you more. Staff is happier and less stressed. You are happier and confident. Plus with all the time saved using automation, imagine the capacity you’ll now have to bring on more clients!

Is your fee billing process ready for a market pullback?

During market corrections, the first thing clients ask about are their fees. That’s when you’ll need to “prove up” billing with the original contract. Incorrect fees are an easy target for unhappy clients, their attorneys and a U-4 complaint.

The Smart Solution:

Using Smart Kx software, your fees will always match the client communication. You can relax in any market, no matter who’s inquiring - the client or their attorney.

Smart Kx software automates your fee billing processes so you can serve your clients with precision.

Smart Kx’s platform ensures that agreed-upon client fees are documented correctly and are calculated exactly as the contract describes, clearly and automatically without manual processes or risk exposure. Calculating and collecting accurate client fees is part of your fiduciary duty and in your clients’ best interest.


What Automation Means For You:

  • Accurate fee calculation

  • Collect revenue faster

  • Increase integrity with clients

  • Lower stress for your staff

Take your fee billing processes
from months to days. 


How Smart Kx System Works

  • Fee Documentation

    Send fee agreements for client signature or notice directly from our interface. Smart Kx keeps a record of the client relationship including fee arrangements, adjustments, communication with client and review for seamless compliance and audit.

  • Fee Calculation

    The fee arrangement is the fee calculator and calculates the fee exactly as agreed to, ending fee inaccuracies and manual excel spreadsheets.

  • Audit Capabilities

    Combining the fee arrangement and fees into one system allows CCO’s to review fee calculations in real time, reduce risk and eliminate traditional audits and ineffective “sampling.”


About Smart Kx

As an attorney and outside compliance consultant, I witnessed RIAs continually struggle with fee calculation. The manual process was prone to errors. Contracts-versus-fees only matched 40-60 percent of the time when audited by regulators. And the billing cycle took months.

Two big issues perpetuated this cycle:

1. Current technologies aren’t sufficient to document or calculate various fee structures.

2. The fee arrangement and calculation are completely separated, and at risk of not matching.

Smart Kx software solves these issues through automation so you can focus on serving your clients. When you implement Smart Kx you can be confident fees match the fee agreement and look forward to collecting revenue faster.

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