Wealthfront is a nextgen banking service that manages your savings using automation so you can effortlessly grow your wealth. We provide all of the financial services you need like high-interest checking that comes with an ATM/debit card as well as low-cost investment management, one-click loans and free financial planning tools. We recently began implementing the first of our Self-Driving Money™ services to automate your savings plan so you don’t need to worry about monitoring accounts and moving money around. 
Our mission is to build a financial system that favors people, not institutions. We want to make money with our clients, not off of them as we so often see in the financial industry. To do this we’ve built a business model that aligns with our clients’ success. Our hope is that our model puts pressure on the rest of the industry to follow suit. But we have a ways to go and we need your help! Join our team so you can help us elevate our story in new and exciting channels.