Families of wealth must navigate fundamental risks to their assets that extend beyond market movements and macroeconomic shifts. These often-overlooked risks are embedded in the culture, composition and communications of the family itself.

For nearly a century, Pitcairn has embraced this truth with the experience and expertise needed to help prosperous families fulfil the unique promise and true potential of their legacies.

Rooted in our own family experience and enriched by our work with ultra-high-net-worth families and single family offices, our distinctive Wealth Momentum® approach focuses on a deeper and longer-term view of the family and financial dynamics that lead to better outcomes.

We are a family office leveraging advanced thinking and modern service innovations to set a new standard in multi-generational wealth stewardship.

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, with offices in New York and Washington, DC, we connect with our network of resources around the world.